Travelling Holland for Expertise

In preparation for our fieldwork in Accra, we have already been traveling to some cities....

 In Amsterdam, we received a training by Charlotte Soedjak on how to make use of the Akvo FLOW application during our field work. This application helps collecting, evaluating and displaying any quantity of geographically referenced data. Instead of manually collecting data, using papers and re-entering it all in the computer afterwards, by using this tool we can gather, share and organize our data way easier by simply using our smartphones/tablets. Looking forward to use it in the field!


In Utrecht, Marjolein Lem from Berenschot Consultants kindly shared her experiences working on the GNWP project, a joined program by the Netherlands’ Embassy and the government of Ghana about Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH). Together with local and national government authorities and private parties, Berenschot (in a consortium with Witteveen+Bos and Simavi) developed five WASH Master Plans, which hold valuable information for our research to build upon. Hearing her stories about the institutional challenges in the WASH sector helps us to develop our perspective.


In Rotterdam, we met with Hanneke Schuurmans, Herman de Jonge and Frank Annor to discuss collaboration possibilities between our project and the flash flood forecasting application, developed by RHDHV, Infoplaza, 3Di and NADMO. More detailed information on micro drainage system can help improve the model that backs the app. Sharing data to improve results! 


Conclusion: Share your talent !

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