Internship at HKV

In large part, the preparations for Project Flood Risk Accra have been carried out at HKV Lijn in Water, a consultant specializing in advice and research in the field of water and safety. Together with TU Delft, HKV consultants initiated the research to assess urban flood risk in Accra after having experienced these flash floods while working in the city. They have a supervising role in this multidisciplinary research project.


The company facilitated a 2,5 month internship for team member Lexy Ratering Arntz. In this period, Lexy was able to make preparations for the field trip: both technical (literature review, preliminary analysis) and organizational (work plan, stakeholder contact, fundraising).

“It's been a nice experience working as an intern at HKV Lijn in Water and to get a feeling of what consultancy work in water safety would be like. I was given the freedom to develop myself as ‘a sort of’’ project manager of Project Flood Risk Accra. My main supervisor Joost van der Zwet set the direction at the start and I could consult him about any problem or doubt along the way. Colleague Job Udo, who has worked on the set-up of early warning systems in Ghana and lived in Accra for a year, spend time supervising us which greatly improved our project. Thanks to HKV for the opportunity to learn a lot about project management in such a short internship period, and, of course, the free lunch at the office every day :)“

GIS Modelling at the office
GIS Modelling at the office
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