@ Home(sick)

We have been back in Holland for a week and a half again, and everybody is a bit Ghana homesick :(  How can you not be, after such an amazing 5-week experience and meeting such wonderful people? Coming back to student life in Delft, makes you realize many things. Even though we arrived back home in our familiar environment, our developed perspectives shine a new light on many aspects of our lives here. Traveling is truly educating yourself! 


Guided by our HKV supervisors, we are currently analyzing our results, developing a hydrodynamic model and writing down all of our findings and lessons learned, Instead of crocodiles, life threathening taxi experiences, or exposure to toxic drain content, our main problems are related to poor wifi connection, crashdown of a computer and losing input data. Even though we miss our adventurous life and the nice people we worked with in Ghana & the Dutch spring is calling us to relax outside, we are determined to work hard to finalize our project and present the results in 2 weeks! So many stories to tell!

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    Dorien (Sunday, 12 June 2016 21:55)

    Nice to read your experiences, back in Delft!
    Hope you will succeed in making a good presentation of your project!

    And good results in Ghana in the future.
    Good luck!